Why our Drop-In Guest Book doesn't have a drop-in slot cutout

No Drop-In Slot

You may have noticed while shopping around that most other Drop-In Guest Book products on the market have a drop-in slot at the top. At first glance, this may seem desirable, however we’ve decided not to include one. Why, you might ask? well…


Dust, Bugs, and Cobwebs

Unlike most others, our guest book is a memento to be enjoyed for years to come. We add hanging hardware to the back of each one so that you may hang it in your home. Because the guest book top can be replaced, it leaves no way in for dust, bugs and cobwebs to accumulate (cobwebs are not as easy to clean out of a shadow box as one might think). So instead of trying to vacuum the dust out of a frame, you can spend your time reminiscing on the heartfelt tidbits left by your loved ones on your special day.


Committed to Quality

Finding an alternative to a drop-in slot is just one example of how we’re raising the bar. We’ve sourced acid-free matboard materials, preventing future yellowing or fading. We even offer acid-free pigment based signing pens to further this goal. We send every guest book out with a premium framing grade acrylic 17 times more impact resistant than traditional glass. All of these things and more come together to make a very high quality and sturdy shadowbox for you to enjoy for years to come.