Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Frame should I get for my wedding?

  • Consider your final Guest count and consider the table above with regards to the number of Drop-In Hearts that fit in each Frame Size.  One Heart per expected guest will usually leave you with a little bit of extra space in the frame, due to some couples joint signing a heart, or some children not signing a heart. This is usually preferable to the alternative. (More guests than hearts that will fit in the frame.)

Available Frames and Drop In Sizes 

How many Hearts fit in the Guest Book?

  • The Guest Book fits between 19 to 295 Hearts. This depends both on the size of the Frame selected, and the size of the Drop-In pieces. See the above Table for specifics.


What Heart Colors are the most popular?

White Sale Off White blush cubicle easter egg
White Sale Off White Blush Cubicle Easter Egg


What Frames are the most popular?

Flat Antique Gold Metal Slope Metal Silver Rustic White Wood Traditional Mocha Wood Slope Gold Metal
Flat Metal Slope Metal Rustic Wood Traditional Wood Slope Metal
Antique Gold Silver White Mocha Gold


How do I know what Colors and Frames to choose?

  • We hear this one a lot, and we usually look at it in two ways. First, you want something that fits your wedding. Traditional Black / White / Silver / Pink / Red are all common, or whatever colors you are going to theme your wedding around should look great! Second, you are likely going to hang this up when you get home, So look at the colors of your home and base your choices off what works there.
  • Our most popular color combination sold has the Flat Matte White Metal frame, Steel Drum background Matte, White Sale Center and Accent Heart and Unfinished Wood drop-in pieces.


What is the 'Accent Heart'?

  • A Guest Book with both the Center Heart and Accent Heart simply has two hearts stacked, the back heart (aka Accent Heart) being 1/8" larger than the Center Heart, resulting in a three dimensional effect and a potentially different color surrounding the Center Heart.
Center Heart with No Accent Center Heart with Accent
Center Only With Accent


How much Assembly is required?

  • While the product does come assembled, the Top of the frame will need to be removed for the event. This is a relatively simple process that only requires a Flat-Head screwdriver and a pair of Needle-Nosed Pliers. Instructions are included with the Guest Book.


What is the Archival nature of the Guest Book?

  • We only use Conservation Acid-Free and Lignin-Free Mat Boards. In addition, We offer Archival Pigmented pens for signing. We use Conservation Acrylic which offers some UV protection against fading and is 17x more impact resistant than traditional glass. The Drop-In Pieces are unfinished wood, or the aforementioned Conservation Mat Board.
  • (Note: Wood drop-in pieces have Lignin which may cause a slight yellowing to lighter background colors after a number of years. We recommend Mat Board Pieces)
  • (Note: If you opt for a Sharpie instead of the offered Archival Pigmented pens, your drop-in pieces may begin to yellow slightly after a number of years)


What Inscription Colors show up best?

  • Generally, Black shows up well on most colored backgrounds
  • White shows up best on black and very dark colored backgrounds


What is Included with the order?

  • High Quality Frame (metal or wood)
  • Drop in pieces to fill frame (unfinished wood or color matboard)
  • Background matboard (you specify the color)
  • Center heart (you specify the color)
  • Names and date inscription
  • Thick framing grade acrylic (safer, 17x more break resistant)
  • Wall hanging hardware
  • Basic guest instructions table tent card
  • Instructions to open/close guest book
  • Extra secure packaging for safe delivery


What do you recommend I purchase with my Guest Book?

  • Our Archival Signing Pens are great for guests to use for signing your Hearts. The pens are Archival Pigmented Inks and will not turn the Hearts yellow over time like a sharpie might.
  • Deluxe Guest Book Sign - upgrade your table-top folded card to a heavy duty, high impact mounting board stand-up sign. Available in two designs.
  • Needle-nosed Pliers and a Flat-head Screwdriver are both required to open the Metal Frame Guest Books, where the wood frame takes only a Philips screwdriver. (Instructions Included)
  • Rushed Shipping can be selected in the shipping options during check-out. Take a look at our Shipping and Turnaround times and make sure you know if you need to upgrade your shipping to get it there in time.


What is the Shipping and overall Turnaround time?


Where can I find your Shop Policies?