How to use the Design Tool

Lots of you have been asking us about colors. We’ve quickly learned that having only a color chart isn’t enough for everyone. So we developed the Design Tool to help you pick colors for your guest book. Now you can compare different tints and shades against each other to get everything just right.

How to Use the Design Tool

The design tool works from top to bottom. Since some options are dependent on others, the options available to you will change as you select each one. For instance, if you select the 20"x30" size, the color matboard hearts option is disabled, as we only offer wood hearts at this size. For this reason, it is important to work from the top down when selecting your options. Please double check all of your options before purchase, and each time you go back to change something!

How to screenshot the Design Tool

When ordering on any of our 3rd party marketplaces, you will still have the option of using the design tool to choose your guest book options. After purchasing on one of these marketplaces, you will receive a link to our design tool. You can "check out" from the Design Tool free of charge in order to send us your currently selected design.

If you are unable to check out for any reason, you may wish to send us a screenshot of your current design for reference. Here’s how:

  1. Select all the desired options for your guest book and add it to the cart. Scroll your screen to ensure all options are visible on-screen
  2. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard* (PrtScn)
  3. Paste (Ctrl + V) into an image or text editor like Paint (MS:Word works too)
  4. Save your image or document (Choose a file path you will remember)
  5. Send it to us at

*Note: You may have to turn on/off your ‘F-lock’ where applicable, as it may interfere with the functionality of the PrtScn key.