How to Order a Drop-in-Heart Guest Book

Decisions, decisions...

Weddings are full of decisions. They can be overwhelming at times. That is why we are doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. We have made this guide to help you order a unique guest book as smoothly as possible. To begin, you must consider the colors you may want, and how many guests may be attending. Since each guest book only holds so many drop-in pieces, take a look at this chart to get an idea of what sizes accommodate the expected number of guests.

Heart Counts per Size for order

Number of Drop-In-Hearts to fill the Guest Book


After you have an idea of what size you will need, you can start thinking about colors. Use our Visualization Tool to see the various color and frame combinations before you buy. Furthermore, you can order Mat Samples if more precise color-matching is necessary. If you are looking for inspiration, we have lots of examples posted at our Pinterest and Facebook pages for you to review.

Visualize and Order

Head over to our Product Visualizer page. Here, you can see different variations of colors and frame styles. Expand or collapse each heading by clicking or tapping on it. It is best to work from the top down. Below is a quick checklist to go over as you order.

  1. Frame Size - Different frame sizes hold more or less drop-in pieces. See the image above for more info.
  2. Background Color - With over 70 colors to choose from, we suggest you have a few ideas of what might match your wedding or home.
  3. Heart Type - Two options here, unfinished wood drop-in hearts and colored matboard drop-in hearts. You'll choose colors in a moment.
  4. Heart Drop-in Size - Bigger hearts mean more room for heart-felt tidbits, but less room in the frame. Take a look at the image above.
  5. Number of Drop-in Colors - How many different colors of drop-in pieces do you want? We can mix up to 4. (This option not available for Wood Hearts)
  6. Drop-in Heart Colors - Over 70 colors. (This option not available for Wood Hearts.)
  7. Frame Type - Choose between a metal or wood frame.
  8. Frame Style - The "Profile" or shape of the frame. These options differ for metal and wood frames.
  9. Frame Color - The design and color of the frame itself.
  10. Center Heart Color - This is the center piece that has the names and date inscription. It sits atop the accent heart, and is not covered by drop-in pieces.
  11. Center Heart Accent Color - This is optional, but surrounds and accents the center heart by about 1/4 inch.
  12. Inscription Color - We recommend black as our standard color. We will let you know if your combination might not show up well.
  13. Inscription Text Lines 1-3 - Each line, as it will read, for the inscription on the center heart. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPELLING!

Double Check the Details

Once you are done visualizing the product, make sure and double check your spelling for the Inscription lines. Click Add to Cart at the bottom of the page, and you are ready to start checking out. You can receive shipping quotes and expected delivery times from this cart page. Consider adding an Archival Signing Pen to your order before checking out (You can always return to your shopping cart later using the menu at the top of the site.)