Do I Need a Guest Book?

In the Past

A newlywed couple would use a guest book to collect the names, phone numbers, and addresses of everybody present at their wedding. Occasionally guests would leave little heart-warming tidbits in the margins. Couples would largely use this information to send thank-you cards and populate a family address book. Unfortunately, the guest book itself would often find itself stashed in a box in the attic or garage.


With technology as advanced as it is, most of us already have access to all our friends’ and families’ phone numbers and addresses. We no longer have a need for a traditional guest book to collect this information for us. But what about those little heart-warming tidbits from the margins? Today, couples are opting for a number of guest book alternatives to help them cherish the memories of their wedding in new and unique ways.

The Drop In Hearts Wedding Guest Book

One such alternative is a shadowbox that can hang on the wall like a picture. The middle of the shadowbox is a heart with the names and date of matrimony inscribed at its’ center. Guests sign their name on smaller hearts, as well as a sentence or two of well wishes. Then, guests drop their heart into the top of the shadowbox and let it fall in and surround the center heart. The result is a unique collage of heart-felt feelings and caring love surrounding your special day.