Why our Drop-In Guest Book doesn’t have a drop-in slot

No Drop-In Slot
No Drop-In Slot You may have noticed while shopping around that most other Drop-In Guest Book products on the market have a drop-in slot at the top. At first glance, this may seem desirable, however we've decided not to include one. Why, you might ask? well...   Dust, Bugs, and Cobwebs Unlike most others, our guest book is a memento to be enjoyed for years to come....
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How to use the Design Tool

Design Tool
Lots of you have been asking us about colors. We've quickly learned that having only a color chart isn't enough for everyone. So we developed the Design Tool to help you pick colors for your guest book. Now you can compare different tints and shades against each other to get everything just right. How to screenshot the Design Tool You may wish to send us a screenshot of your ...
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How to Order a Drop-in-Heart Guest Book

Drop in Top Guest Book Diagram
Decisions, decisions... Weddings are full of decisions. They can be overwhelming at times. That is why we are doing everything we can to make it as easy as possible for you. We have made this guide to help you order a unique guest book as smoothly as possible. To begin, you must consider the colors you may want, and how many guests may be attending. Since each guest book onl...
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Do I need a Guest Book?

Wedding Guest Book Alternative
In the Past A newlywed couple would use a guest book to collect the names, phone numbers, and addresses of everybody present at their wedding. Occasionally guests would leave little heart-warming tidbits in the margins. Couples would largely use this information to send thank-you cards and populate a family address book. Unfortunately, the guest book itself would often find it...
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